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The new era of brush grommet for raised floors

Improve energy and cooling efficiency in your data center with the new BrushLock

brush grommet for raised floors in data centers

  • The BrushLock seals existing or new cutouts in the raised floor and minimizes Bypass airflow

Easy assembly

  • Drilling screws and assembly instructions included
  • BrushLock one-piece or 2-half for new or existing cutouts
  • Stable puzzle connection secures the two halves to each other
  • Half BrushLock can be used for small raised floor cutouts
  • Also suitable for retrofitting. Cut-out dimensions match existing solutions on the market


  • Optionally available X-Cover made of sheet steel ensures additional tightness and working-safety
  • Closing the BrushLock and additionally minimizes the passage of cooled air
  • The X-Cover increases working-safety during assembly of racks
  • The stable X-Cover can be reliably loaded up to 200 kg
  • X-Cover serves as a marking aid when making the double floor cut-outs

Efficiently minimizes the loss of expensive cooling air

  • Flexible brushes guarantee a high-density wrap around the cables passed through and minimize pressure/air loss in the raised floor
  • Two superimposed brush strips ensure optimal sealing of the raised floor
  • The additional X-Cover provides increased air tightness

Clean cable management

  • The brushes meet each other in the center. This allows the cables to be centered through the BrushLock and the brushes effectively seal around the cables.
  • For single or few cables that run through the cutout, a small opening can be created on the X-Cover by breaking out an hole shape. This allows the X-Cover to remain permanently on the BrushLock during operation.
  • An edge protection is integrated on the underside of the BrushLock to prevent damage to the cable from sharp cut edges.

High density brushes ensure less pressure and cooling air loss through openings in the raised floor

Configure now


  • 2-halfed or closed System - maximum flexibility in installation and use
  • enclosed drilling screws and installation instructions ensure frustration-free installation
  • The optionally available X-Cover ensures high working-safety and increased tightness


  • Packaging units of 10 pieces each
  • A special developed, completely recyclable carton packaging avoids excessive waste on the construction site and also protects the environment. We completely avoid the use of plastic.
  • The space-saving carton is optimized for shipping on pallets, enabling cost-effective sending.
  • Existing stock capacities enable high availability and a quick response to your needs.


WeightBrushLock 550 gr. | X-Cover 460 gr.


X-CoverSheet steel
brushesPlastic flame retardant
side framePlastic flame retardant
Brush holderAluminum


SafetyMeets fire protection standard UL 94 V-0
Number of pieces per box10 piece
Shipping weightBrushLock only: 6.0 KG/packaging unit | including X-Cover: 11.5 KG/packaging unit
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Color X-Cover (special colors on request)

Quantity packing units

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The founding team of BrushBoxx developed the BrushLock, specifically for data center operators. Driven by the idea to improve the solutions available on the market and their weaknesses and drawbacks. The goal is to make our contribution to energy saving and energy efficiency of data centers. BrushBoxx works hand in hand with its customers to develop individual solutions for the data center, agricultural machinery and wind power industries. Due to a high vertical integration, customer requirements can be implemented quickly and flexibly. Contact us!